A list of Social Media Ace Features: An TheOneSpy Review

Social Media Ace

The world is full of people but there are few who you love and adore. Almost the same goes for everything. In the jungle of everything we choose what we want and then they become part of our life.

You can call me an app freak because it’s like my hobby to try different types of apps. At first, it all started with me trying to learn basic driving skills. So I had all sorts of parking and driving games installed on my phone.

Then the craze shifted to digital notes and managing apps. Lately, I am into parental control apps. Yes, you can practically see me getting old by the choices of apps but it is what it is.

So it was hard to find the best spy app in terms of parental control because it is something different from other apps. There are all sorts of free and paid apps, different versions, and more and you can’t just decide by marketing tactics or other experiences.

As when we talk about these types of apps everyone has different preferences. So like always I did my research although this time it was costly as some apps were way beyond my average budget and the offered feature was below average.


At last, I found TheOneSpy. I am here to give you a detailed TheOneSpy spy app for cell phones, especially about the ace social media and instant messenger chat app features. I needed an app that not only covers the popular social media platforms but also the ones that are not commonly used but still have a digital presence.


  • 55 billion people use a variety of social media platforms every month
  • On average 2 hours and 27 minutes of the day are spent on social media platforms by average users.
  • The number of people joining different accounts is increasing fastly as every 6.4 seconds a new social media account is made according to the personalization.com blog.

Before wasting further time here are some of the top list features offered by the TheOneSpy spy app.

Hold On To Facebook NewsFeed:

Facebook is the most popular and oldest among all social media platforms. TheOneSpy offers a Facebook spy app that notifies the newsfeed, story, live updates, and even messenger activity to the user. All the information is saved with the date and time and you can check out the recordings whenever you have time.

Instant Updates of Instagram:

Instagram started as a cool app that is meant to be used by everyone to share their personal photos and videos with family and the public.

With time the platforms have evolved and become very popular digital and marketing tools. So the Instagram spy app can be used for normal monitoring for example from kids’ perspectives as well as the business point of view for keeping an eye on the employees.

Catch Snaps of Snapchat:

The Snapchat spy app offers remote access to the Snapchat activity of the target. As snap chat is popular for privacy so it is preferred by everyone who loves to keep things secret. With TheOneSpy all Snapchat activities are saved and stored on the online portal of the spy app.

Have A Sneak Peak Of WhatsApp:

WhatsApp with all the late updates and end-to-end encryption is one of the most popular messenger chat apps in the whole world. WhatsApp spy app of theTheOneSpy saves all the records of incoming and outgoing calls, text content and media shared through the apps. You can even have access to eh private and group chats.

Tinder Alerts:

No need to worry about the dating life of your kid anymore as TheOneSpy gives reports about their dating life through the Tinder Spy app.

Kick Into KIK:

Kik offers messenger chat app services with some additional options like bot chat. Know all about it and much more with the Kik Spy app.

For a further detailed TheOneSpy Review, one can visit the website. Social media monitoring features are used by parents and employers, in general, to keep up with teenagers’ and employees’ online activities respectively. Three types of bundles make it an easy choice for the users as they can get any bundle they want according to their needs and demands.

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