How Whatsapp call recording App is Favourable for Diverse Work Environment?


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25 Oct 2022, 16:48


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I was wasting my time on Facebook browsing when I saw sponsored content on my newsfeed.  It was about the new Meta policy.

They are introducing new opportunities that are not limited to geographical location. Meaning they are hiring people who will join the meta family remotely.

The purpose of this mission is to diversify the work pool of the meta family and give opportunities to people living in localities that have no meta office.

It is no doubt a great gesture from the employer’s end but is it enough? Will the people working in the diverse group be able to accept each other? That should be a major concern.

I have seen many organizations that offer such opportunities for diverse people but it still doe not work for many of them.

The reason is an improper monitoring system or refusal to invest in employee monitoring to see the fruit of the new opportunities and policies. 

Unfortunately, we are not that much open-minded as we see ourselves in the books or on the screens.

We have still a long way to go so along with good opportunities like this better and more efficient monitoring system is also an important component. 

There was this huge incident in our organization where a Chinese employee finally resigned and left after facing severe backlash after the office reopened post-pandemic.

The employees were calling it a Chinese virus and made his life practically a living hell. Many of us tried to stop this behaviour but still, we were made the bad cops who lack patience.

After he left there was this campaign to monitor official matters through digital monitoring tools for the sake of employees’ safety.  Only if this would have done before we would have saved him from all the mess and he would be still working with us. 

  • According to Injury Facts, 392 fatalities were reported only in 2020 because of workplace assault.

Digital monitoring of employees with features like Whatsapp call recording app, Facebook spy app, Instagram and Skype Spy app can work in favour of promoting a diverse workplace environment. Here is what we have found out about the OgyMogy employee monitoring features benefits so far.

Whatsapp call recording app for example can be successfully used to monitor the workplace environment.

Most of the time important discussions are made through instant messenger chat apps as it is relatively easy. The newly introduced feature that allows an audio call with up to 32 WhatsApp contacts has made it easier.

So most of the time team members use the app to discuss official work-related matters. The Whatsapp call recording app notifies about all the call details related to the WhatsApp activities of the employees.

You can know about the call content details as the app practically saves the recordings. This can help the employers to know about the quality of the conversation the employees have with each other. Listen to employees talk and know if anyone is being the target of workplace bullying or harassment.

According to Injury Facts, 392 fatalities were reported only in 2020 because of workplace assault.

The organization should make clear and strict policies regarding workplace bullying, no lame excuse should be tolerated. Many people cover their bullying as a joke or fun among colleagues.

Listen to such people through the hidden call recording software for android mobile and take action against them right away.

In the case of any business dealing with social media platforms like WhatsApp, the features like Whatsapp call recording apps can work in monitoring the employee and customer chat.

Know if any employee is being a victim of any abusive comment by any client. As an employer, you have to assure a safe and healthy work environment for all employees regardless of their identity, race, ethnicity or gender.

The OgyMogy feature makes things very easy for employers in favour of employees. As a satisfied and happy employee is the key to a good working environment and a successful business.


Besides features like the Whatsapp call recording app, there is a long list of employee monitoring features offered by the app.

For example, the Facebook screen recording feature notifies the user about the newsfeed activities and even messenger activities as well. Instagram spy app makes it easy to keep an eye on the individual employee’s productivity and work rate and quality.

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