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How to Find Out Your Laptop Screen Size Without Measuring?

How to Find Out Your Laptop Screen Size Without Measuring

How to Find Out Your Laptop Screen Size Without Measuring? For a variety of reasons, including purchasing a new laptop or deciding what size works best for you, knowing your laptop’s screen size is important. When shopping for a laptop bag or comparing your device to another, knowing your laptop’s screen size is a good idea.

A laptop’s screen measurement is also very important when it comes to taking it to a technician. If you don’t know the measurements and the technician asks you to measure them, then it will be a problem.

Therefore, even if you have nothing to do with determining the size of your laptop’s screen, it is always a good idea to know it. Asus-Zenbook-

There are different screen sizes on laptops. One of the simplest ways to measure a laptop’s screen is by using a scale or ruler. However, you may not be able to use a scale or measuring device. There are, however, other methods of measuring laptop screens, but it is not always possible to get a precise measurement.

Because of this, most laptop users are unclear about what size their laptop’s screen is without measuring.

Don’t worry if you are one of these people, because there are some easy and simple ways you can determine the exact size of a laptop without having to use any measuring device. This article will demonstrate some ways to determine the actual screen size without having to use any measuring device.

So, without further talk, let’s get started.

How to Find Out Your Laptop Screen Size Without Measuring?

Here are a few ways to determine the exact screen size of your laptop:

Check Your Laptop’s Specifications

In general, you can find out the size of your laptop’s screen by checking its specifications. These specifications are usually located on the laptop box or sometimes even on the bottom. The screen size of a laptop should be clearly stated in its specifications. So, you should check the manual or packaging for these details before following any other method.

You can, however, find the model information in your computer’s settings if you cannot find the specifications on the laptop’s packaging or cover. If your laptop’s screen size is not mentioned in the Display settings folder, go to the Advanced display settings tab and check there.

Follow the steps below for navigating to the Advanced display settings tab:

Step 1: Open Windows Settings and Click on System.

Step 2: In the System tab, click on the Display folder.

Step 3: Click on Advanced Display settings to view all the information on your laptop’s screen

Google With The Model Number

It is possible that searching by specifications (Method #1) will reveal the model’s specifications instead of the screen size in some cases. Each laptop comes with a unique model number that identifies its key characteristics, such as the size of its screen. It is possible to find out the screen size of your laptop online by using the model number.

By searching online, you can easily find the screen size of your Dell laptop with the model number XPS7390. The Dell XPS7390 includes a 13.3-inch screen.

How do you find out the model number of your laptop? Don’t worry, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Press the Windows button from your laptop’s keyboard and type System Information in the search bar.

Step 2: From the search results, click on System Information.

Step 3: Afterwards, a window will appear with information about your system. I have included a screenshot below to show you where you can find your device’s model number.

Now you will be able to find all the information about this model, including its screen size, by searching for this model number. Occasionally, Google will point you to a website where you can inquire about the size of the screen on your laptop. However, sometimes the information may not be complete.

Use Software Or Check the Online

You can also determine your laptop’s screen size by using PC software since it can provide you with detailed information about the laptop and its screen size. The installation of an extension allows you to measure the exact screen size of your laptop with many different software programs.

There are a variety of programs you can use, including Infoblip, which has a simple screen size detector. This program shows an image of a credit card that needs to be adjusted unless it matches the exact size of the display on your laptop.

Also, there are websites that offer online rulers for measuring your laptop’s screen.

You can use these rulers to determine the screen’s length by dragging it from one corner to another. You can use virtual rulers to convert your laptop’s size into multiple dimensions and calibrate them as needed.

Check The Backside Of Your Laptop

This method is worth a try if none of the ones mentioned above worked for you. Modern laptops come with a label that tells you the model and some of the main features of the device. Even the laptop’s size and resolution are included. On the back of your laptop, you will find this label.

Some laptops display the screen size as a number in the upper right corner. A screen size of 24 inches indicates the H243HX and a screen size of 13 inches indicates the H134IPS. I hope you understood what I meant.

Check The Laptop Manual Book

You can measure the laptop’s screen with a measuring scale or ruler if you don’t have a measuring scale or ruler on hand. It is probably the easiest way to determine the exact screen size of a laptop since every laptop comes with a manual detailing its specifications, including screen size and resolution.

It is a small book that describes all the features of a laptop. You can find the screen size of your laptop by flipping through the pages. The screen size of a laptop isn’t the only thing you can learn about it; you can also learn about the pixels display and other crucial information.

Why Should You Know Your Laptop’s Screen Size?

The performance of a laptop is heavily influenced by technical specifications like memory, storage, connectivity, processor, etc. It is therefore important to know these details for most laptop users.

However, the size of your laptop’s screen is also important to know. You need to know the screen size of your laptop for a number of reasons.

To Keep Your Workspace Organized

It is important to know the screen size of your laptop because it has an impact on your workspace and home office setup. The larger laptop won’t fit if you don’t have enough desk space or if you used to keep your books and files on top of it. If you knew the dimensions of your laptop screen, you could have organized your workspace so that it is easy to accommodate the laptop in situations like this.

While Buying A Screen Protector

A screen protector is a wise decision if you have a touch screen on your laptop or use it roughly. Additionally, the screen protector prevents the screen from rubbing against the keyboard when the laptop is closed.

Most laptop users, however, struggle when buying a screen protector. As a result of not knowing how big their laptop’s screen is. Therefore, they end up buying the wrong-sized screen protector. If you don’t want to face any situation like this, then you need to know the screen size of your laptop.

When Buying A Laptop Backpack

Laptop backpacks are a very important product for laptop users, especially for those who travel a lot with their laptops. It is a protective pouch for keeping your laptop safe while traveling.

Before purchasing a laptop backpack, you should know the exact size of your laptop. The backpack should fit your laptop precisely. A bigger backpack might not fit your laptop securely. Additionally, if you buy a smaller laptop backpack (see our list of the best backpacks), the laptop won’t fit properly.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Difference Between Screen Size And Resolution?

The terms screen resolution and screen size are often misunderstood. These are two completely different dimensions. A screen resolution refers to the number of pixels displayed in each aspect of a display device. The screen size, on the other hand, is the actual physical size of the screen, which is expressed in inches.

Smaller Size Laptops Vs Bigger Sized Laptops.

Laptops with smaller screens usually have a screen size of 11 to 13 inches. These laptops are very portable and easy to carry around. Smaller laptops are better for browsing and other everyday tasks. However, since most of them lack powerful components due to a lack of space, you won’t be able to run any hardware-demanding applications.

Laptops with screens larger than 15 inches are considered bigger-sized laptops. Video editing, watching movies, and playing video games are all possible with these laptops. However, they also have some drawbacks. For example, you cannot carry a large laptop everywhere.

Conclusion :

Since laptop screens come in different sizes, it can be difficult to determine what size yours is. With this article, we have shown you how to determine the laptop’s screen size without measuring it. Following either method above will help you determine the size of your screen if you do not know the size of your screen. You will only need a few minutes to complete it.

You should record the size of your laptop’s screen somewhere so you don’t have to measure it again. Feel free to leave a comment below if you still have any questions.

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